Plywood bookcases and living room shelves in the Scandinavian style

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scandinavian bookcase

Plywood bookcases – how to choose the perfect one?

I guess no one can imagine their apartment, house or office without a bookcase. We use this extremely functional piece of furniture as a home library. A plywood bookcase is more than just bookshelves. After all, it can help you organize a much more diverse palette of items.


Let’s start with the fact that a bookcase you choose can tell a lot about you. Do you prefer classic solutions, or maybe you like furniture with a slightly more avant-garde design? You go for openwork ladder bookcase or do you prefer to keep things in cabinets? Wood or metal? What color, price, and finally – where to put a piece of furniture, how to display it or on the contrary – hide it in the arrangement of the room? From the very questions you can get the bookcase dizziness. But take it easy, reading this text will take you a few minutes, the decision to choose the perfect bookcase – a second longer.

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Before you start browsing through the catalogs, ask yourself in what room you will place your dream bookcase? Home and office spaces differ in style and, let’s face it, their styles often change. That is why it is a good idea to go for a universal look guaranteed by … wood! Yes! Wood is a material that will work in any arrangement, it is available in a variety of colors. This material, once associated only with homes, stormed into offices, lofts, and dominated Scandinavian, mid century and many other styles.


The second choice, which should be made at the beginning, concerns the bookcase design: a bookcase with drawers, cabinets, a bookcase with a cabinet, or maybe a minimalist openwork piece? It all depends whether you plan to use this piece of furniture only as a bookcase and newspaper rack, or you want it to also store documents, clothes and various trinkets.



Functional or aesthetic? Bookcase Scandinavian style


Since you already know where to place the bookcase, take a closer look at the selected space. In what style is it decorated? After all, adding a new piece of furniture to the existing arrangement cannot destroy it! Scandinavian design has moved into many Polish homes. The big advantage of a Scandinavian style bookcase is that it will perfectly match other arrangements. Universal, minimalistic design will also work well in rooms decorated in an extremely fashionable mid century style, but a suitably tuned bookcase will also fit completely different styles, even rustic! In other words, Scandinavian design bookcase is not a compromise – it combines aesthetics and functionality. When choosing your dream model, try to look at the room objectively, look for its more difficult points: bevels, alcoves, low ceiling – consider all this when choosing your bookcase.

Scandinavian bookcase


Plywood bookcase – a piece of furniture for special missions

The Scandinavian style bookcase is a universal piece of furniture, but properly exposed, it will give the arrangement a distinct character, and will build it. The ladder bookcase model will attract attention with its minimalist design, the bookcase with drawers will delight with its solid, but lightweight construction. There are many possibilities. Shelves are inseparable elements, but cabinets or drawers should be considered as well. In order not to overdo it and design a coherent and intriguing space, focus on modular furniture.


Mid century modular shelves allows you to combine not only various bookcases, but also bookcases with sideboards. Thanks to this option, you can be sure that your furniture will gain a modern, harmonious character. However, this is not all! We treat our Scandinavian style shelving as a base that can be adapted to the customer’s needs. Do you prefer a different size than mentioned in our offer? Or maybe you would like us to create an individual arrangement of shelves for you? Contact us – together we will create a custom-made bookcase!