The Journey of a Mid Century Modern Furniture Designer

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The birth of a vision

Dariusz Gapski, the owner of Plywood Project company, embarked on a journey that led him to become a renowned mid-century modern furniture designer. His passion for creation began in high school, where he dabbled in music and photography. However, it was during his studies that he first toyed with the idea of designing utility objects. This spark of inspiration eventually led him to the world of furniture design.

From photography to furniture

Dariusz's transition from a photographer to a furniture designer was not a straightforward one. His move to WSK, an industrial building in Poznan, introduced him to Robert, a furniture enthusiast. Their shared interest in furniture restoration and design led to the creation of their first pieces: a table, chairs, an armchair, and a sideboard. This collaboration marked the beginning of Dariusz's journey into the world of mid-century modern furniture.

Challenges and triumphs

Every journey has its challenges. For Dariusz, the initial hurdles included finding the right material for production. While Polish and Russian plywood fell short of their expectations, their search led them to Koskisen in Finland, a company that matched their dedication to quality. With the right material in hand, the next challenge was optimizing the production process. Despite the complexities, Dariusz and his team were committed to ensuring that every piece of furniture was crafted with precision and care.

A global reach

Plywood Project's furniture has found homes across the globe, from the USA to Australia, Great Britain, Canada, and even the Arab Emirates. Dariusz emphasized the importance of logistics in ensuring that their furniture reaches its destination in perfect condition. Their modular system is designed for easy assembly, making it accessible and convenient for customers worldwide.

The essence of Plywood Project

At the heart of Plywood Project is a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Dariusz and his team take pride in the tactile experience their furniture offers, often described as "velvety to the touch." Their dedication to perfection is evident in every aspect of their business, from design to customer service.

Looking ahead

When asked about his vision for Plywood Project in the next decade, Dariusz expressed a desire for organic growth while maintaining their high standards. He envisions a future where Plywood Project continues to evolve, driven by passion and a commitment to excellence.