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Minimalist desks - Plywood Project


I am a demanding customer. When I look for something on the Internet, I already have an idea of ​​what I want. The selection is always huge, but my top choice must combine the comfort of use with an aesthetic finish. The history behind the piece is also more and more important to me. I like things that are authentic, simple in form, of great quality and durable. I remember when I was looking for a desk a few years ago, I looked through hundreds of sites, unfortunately there was always some element that did not fit my vision of the perfect workplace. Did such a desk even exist? Probably yes, but how long was I to spend searching for it on the Internet? And since we started to manufacture sideboards and bookcases, why not also create a desk that will meet all our expectations? Darek spent a lot of time analyzing the needs of our family, taking into account the smallest details, and this is how the perfect desk was created: ideal for work, for creative activities and for relaxation. Its strength lies in the subtle simplicity, the delicate penetration of light between the elements. It is comfortable in the given dimensions with the possibility of extending it with various modules. There are many more advantages, so let me describe them below, so that you do not have to waste time searching like I used to.


First - the material

We chose birch plywood by Koskisen from Finland, because the quality of the veneers used is much higher than those produced in Poland or Russia. Thanks to this, the material is durable and resistant to various types of damage. First of all, plywood, unlike chipboards, can be screwed and unscrewed, so if there is such a need, you can easily disassemble the desk and reassemble it without losing its quality. 



detail of minimalist desks with walnut stain
Desk | light oak stain

Second - functionality

We have 4 types of desks:

small minimalist desks with walnut stain
l shape desk minimalist desks with walnut stain
ladder minimalist desks walnut stain
ladder minimalist desks in walnut stain
Choice of:
  • 2 depths: 49 cm and 65 cm
  • 4 widths: 85 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm, 180 cm
  • height 78 cm 
  • colors: oak, antique oak, light oak, transparent, walnut 
  • self-closing drawers with the silent Blum system
There is also a possibility of lowering the height from 78 cm to 76 cm, narrowing the width of the desk from 120 cm to 110 cm, reducing the tabletop depth from 65 cm to 60 cm The introduction of such modifications does not involve any major interference with the standard product. Reducing the furniture usually does not generate additional costs; it only adds a little more work. Importantly, desks can be easily modified to suit your needs by adding drawers, cabinets and shelves. The furniture system is based on perfectly cut legs, designed in such a way that any modules can be combined with each other, without fear that something will tilt to one side. Thanks to the rounded, hand-sanded edges, slim shape and right proportions, the desks look light and they are like that, but only in form. Their design is carefully thought-out, so they are heavy enough to be perfectly stable and there is no chance for anything to wobble or sway sideways.
L shape minimalist desk with drawers in natural wood color
L Shape desk with drawers and shelves | natural stain
Now let’s talk a little more about L-Shape desks, which are particularly liked by the music and gaming industry in New York and Boston. As we have direct contact with our customers (we support the hotline and chats ourselves), we know that these models are perfect as gaming desks or desks for creating music. The countless possibilities of combining and expanding this desk, the size of the work area, and at the same time the minimalistic appearance that evokes associations with the aesthetics of Mid Century Modern make L-Shape unique and attractive.

"Everything will fit on it" - this is the leitmotif of the L-Shape model

It is also extremely important that the furniture system is solid and designed in such a way that it can reach the farthest corners of the world without any damage. In addition, our team has an extremely precise packaging technique, thanks to which the desks are perfectly prepared for shipping anywhere in the world. And once they have made this long, complicated journey and are at their destination, all that remains is quick and easy assembly, basically tightening a few screws.

Third - aesthetics

We pay equal importance to the functionality and durability of our furniture as to the aesthetic values. There is a creator behind each project, and each creator carries their own story. So a few words about Darek, the designer and “brain” behind Plywood Project. Darek studied photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań and the Łódź Film School. Certainly, this background influenced the aesthetics and quality of all models. As a perfectionist, he takes care of every detail. What matters is the form, proportions, texture, color, how the light falls on the desk and how it interacts with the surroundings. The play of lights coming through the side legs equips the interior with a natural decorative element in the form of traveling chiaroscuro. Light matters. The nature and temperature of the room change with it. He draws inspiration from the raw grace of plywood and simple, gentle forms. His desks are modern, slender, have harmonious proportions, and the quality of workmanship and manual sanding make them velvety to the touch, which often surprises our clients, who write about it in the comments. This sensual dimension affects the work at the desk, maybe thanks to this you will become more creative and will be able to calm down and improve concentration?

Fourth - cozy minimalism

We both like classic simplicity, timeless forms, things that are not overcomplicated and serve for years. We are modern minimalists, which is why we wanted our furniture to reflect these values. So that they can be easily cleaned, repaired, renovated, so if, for example, the tabletop is damaged, all you have to do is undo the screws, flip the top upside down and reattach it. Thanks to the exact measuring and drilling, everything will align perfectly from the bottom as well as from the top. Each element can be ordered individually, you do not have to buy the entire piece of furniture again if only one part is damaged.
big minimalist desks in dark stain
Desk W180 | antic oak stain

Fifth - customer service

As I already mentioned, we operate the hotline ourselves, we reply to the e-mails. We try to answer all your questions as soon as possible. We are always ready to advise you in choosing the right model or a specific solution. We will help you create a desk tailored to your needs, so that you will be able to enjoy it for years. We care about good relations because we know how important it is for both parties. Each satisfied customer confirms that what we do makes sense. Reading the comments, we know that we meet your expectations. Our brand is growing organically. It is not about the dizzying pace of development, but about quality. We are constantly gaining new knowledge, because production is a constant pursuit of better solutions. We listen carefully to your needs and try to meet them, while staying committed to our ideas. Do you already know which desk to choose? If you still hesitate, call / write to us, we will dispel your doubts!
minimalist desks

Can’t say enough about this minimalist desk! It’s freed me from working at home during the pandemic at my dining room table. Plus, it’s also just as beautiful as pictured in real life, easy to assemble, and shipped fast to the U.S. It’s made me insanely happy. Thanks so much!

minimalist desks gaming desk

I got the largest desk available with a custom depth. I also added one of their benches cut to a custom height to use on top as a desk riser. They worked with me and accommodated my requests. I love this desk and am beyond satisfied with it. The quality is amazing, it was as described, and my expectations were met. Ill definitely be a returning customer in the future!

minimalist desks l shape desk win walnut stain

We finally got the space ready for the desk yesterday and assembled it. It’s exquisitely constructed and fits my home office perfectly. It was meticulously packaged and assembly was a breeze.

minimalist desks with ladder desk

J’adore mon bureau. Il s’intègre parfaitement dans mon salon. Le travail est beau et les finitions de qualité. Le bois est lisse et doux au toucher. L’emballage est fait pour résister aux chocs et le bureau était très bien protégé. Le montage est très facile à réaliser. Dariusz a été très reactif à mes messages et a pu me conseiller sur la teinte du bois. Je recommande vivement cette boutique car la réalisation des meubles est magnifique et qualité.