Sideboard with drawers, sideboard with a cabinet or maybe a sideboard made of plywood - which one to choose?

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Mid century sideboard

Sideboard with drawers, sideboard with a cabinet or maybe a sideboard made of plywood - which one to choose?


We choose the best Scandinavian sideboard!

“What do you store in your sideboard?” – everyone will answer this question differently. Some of us keep documents in it, others clothes or cutlery, plates, medicines, books … There are as many answers as there are sideboard users, different models of sideboards, and styles in which they are made. One thing is certain – sideboards are used for storage. What else can you use your sideboard for?


Sideboard with drawers or a cabinet?

When choosing the right model of sideboard, you need to first answer the question whether you are looking for a sideboard with a cabinet or with drawers. The first will work in the bedroom, kitchen, hallway and wherever you want to store larger things. Sideboard with drawers will be used in the dining room (you will store cutlery, china in them), but also in the study (documents) or bedroom. The sideboard for the living room is a much wider topic. In the living room, we usually need more furniture – so think about a solution that combines a sideboard with cabinets and a sideboard with drawers or choose a larger sideboard with drawers and cabinets. However, there are more points to consider.

Media console – Mid century record cabinet

After all, sideboards are not only used for storage! The multitude of sideboard models means that you can choose the one that will work great as a TV cabinet. TV set exposed on a beautiful sideboard; a radio that you can reach without leaving your bed … Plywood sideboards will also help us organize the electronic equipment, which often causes problems – chargers, power supplies – all these not very aesthetic cables will certainly be easier to tame thanks to the sideboard with an open cabinet!

mid-century-sideboard-credenza-with-drawers So we have established that sideboards are great at storing and organizing. However, there is something else that every modern piece of furniture should have – style. The aesthetic is as important as the practical function!

Mid-century sideboard – retro sideboard


Walnut sideboard

A retro sideboard is a piece of furniture that certainly will not go out of style! Retro moved in a few years ago and there is no indication that it would ever leave us. Scandinavian style from the mid-20th century, mid-century style, is particularly popular in interior design trends. Furniture inspired by this period fascinates with simplicity, functionality, minimalist design and high-quality finish.

Sideboard in mid century style

The big advantage of mid-century retro sideboards is that they will perfectly complement not only interiors decorated in retro or vintage style, but also in a modern minimalist style. So if you value elegance and design above all, you love the highest quality materials, and refined simplicity is not an oxymoron for you then mid-century sideboards are what you have been looking for. Mid-century modern style is a thoroughly modern style – it flirts with minimalism, but unlike it, it is not afraid of stronger color accents and playing with form. Furniture in this style will always be functional; their universal appearance will ensure that they will never cease to be timeless, adapt to various arrangements, and harmoniously correspond with accessories. By choosing a mid-century sideboard, you’ll get quality, functionalism and aesthetics.

Modular sideboards with a cabinet and drawers

Any, even the most beautiful and functional sideboard will not be appreciated enough if it is not properly exposed in space. When planning the arrangement of the room, think about whether the new piece of furniture works with those you already have. When building the arrangement – remember not to lose sight of what is most important – consistency. To avoid mishaps, many people use the extremely friendly modular shelves system. Why is it friendly? Because it allows full personalization and a great freedom of arrangement to combine many pieces of furniture into a harmonious whole. So if you are a demanding customer and you want to be absolutely sure that the sideboard you choose will not only meet your expectations for the furniture itself, but also the space around you – a simple and effective solution is at your fingertips.


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